The term criminal pertains to or involves crimes and the subsequent administrati [ + ]


Civil cases comprise noncriminal lawsuits and usually involve disputes over priv [ + ]

Property Dispute

When an entity or individual owns something, he is said to be the owner of prope [ + ]

Divorce & Alimony

The process of divorce implies the dissolution of any legalized marriage by way [ + ]

Muslim Law

Muslim law in India is basically guided and governed according to the Muslim Per [ + ]

Motor Accident

Motor accidents are said to occur when the driver of any motorized vehicle colli [ + ]

Insurance Law

Insurance is a contract which stipulates that for a specified consideration, one [ + ]

Customs & Central Excise

Customs taxes or tariffs are payable on goods and merchandise that are either im [ + ]

Child Custody

Child custody refers to the control, care and maintenance of any individual belo [ + ]

Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence refers to deliberately or negligent, improper or unskilled tr [ + ]


Immigration is the process by which an individual enters a foreign country with [ + ]

Trademark & Copyright

A trademark denotes a word, symbol, name or device to distinguish it from goods [ + ]

Corporate Law

The word corporate refers to any activity related to corporations, known to be t [ + ]


A landlord, according to law is the rightful owner of any apartment, house, cond [ + ]

Family Dispute

Family disputes arise when there is conflict between family members related to e [ + ]

Consumer Grievances

Consumer complaints, also called customer complaints are situations where consum [ + ]


Taxation is the process through which a state or central government or authorize [ + ]

International Laws

International laws are sets of rules that govern relations and settle disputes b [ + ]


Documentation may be defined as sets of documents provided on actual paper and o [ + ]

Cheque Bounce

Cheque bouncing occurs when a cheque cannot be honored in favor of the recipient [ + ]


RTI or Right to Information means the right of any public body to access informa [ + ]


Startups are new entrepreneurial ventures that may be in the form of a company, [ + ]

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime refers to any criminal offense committed on the Internet, violation o [ + ]

Arbitration & Conciliation

Arbitration is the settlement of any dispute by an unbiased third party chosen b [ + ]

Labour & Service

Labor is a part of any country’s legal system that protects employer, empl [ + ]


Recovery is said to have been done when by way of a court judgment, something va [ + ]


A will is a written document through which any living person specifies how his e [ + ]

Armed Forces Tribunal

The Indian Armed Forces Tribunal came into being in August 2009 by provisions of [ + ]


The concept of banking involves an authorized financial institution operating un [ + ]


test [ + ]


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