The theme of this essay is to enlighten the public at general about the social condition of our nation and the world at large. These pearls of words connect to each other in way to form a necklace which explains the chain reaction of some of the s...

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The theme of this essay is to enlighten the public at general about the social condition of our nation and the world at large. These pearls of words connect to each other in way to form a necklace which explains the chain reaction of some of the social issues at the nation’s development. The material provides the awareness towards the situation of growing rate of crime due to social problems and how it is affecting the roots that are the people of nations. It has explained that how India has evolved as an unstoppable shoot which is inspiring others to grow as well.

The essay explains a straight path for development and defined the whole situation of social hindrance in the development of any country through the mode of simple door opening act with the help of a key. Basically, it focuses on the issues of drug abuse and juvenile delinquency but expanded its branches to touch at least the major and highlighted issues of society.

It provides the present and past phase of societal change which explains the rate of growth of crime in society and decrease in development. Also it makes aware the mass about the legal knowledge of juvenile delinquency in India.







You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

-          R. Buckminster Fuller

India, a country known for its culture, heritage, values, principles, ethics, governance and much more. This is a nation which has enormous hues & shades of humanity, nature, faith, practices, religion, caste, etc. amid natives. So far it has been observed that India is an evolving development star. It’s at path to urge such a potential and power to the country to be strong enough that it can compete with and support, help to other nations. Even after so many decades of subordination to British, India has never given up the spirit to shine and now it’s foreseeable that it is exploring its wings in the sky of growth to acquire its space to fly. The root cause of such development in a small span of period is the growth of the societal base i.e. the people of country those were properly & periodically aided by the good governance of nation. This long term and non fluctuating development is a key that will definitely open up the door for success to India, but somehow this key is not properly mended to function as it’s overburdened by multiple layers of rust.

Practically, here the key denotes the government’s policies for national development, progress and betterment and the door for success is denoting the tag of a developed country at a worldly stage but the rust denotes, what is it? It’s the main feature of this article i.e. the social hindrances which is strongly blocking the tunnel to triumph. This problem is not only spreading at one single nation but affecting many of the developing countries. If we consider India then,

Today, India is facing numerous social problems which are affecting the governance of India and ultimately diminishing its level of development. If we consider the social challenges or problems that Indian citizens are facing would be corruption, malnutrition, unemployment, illiteracy, population growth, casteism, communalism, language conflicts, economic issues and many more are on the list and some of them are not known to public at general.

Any nation’s development is only possible when its natives are living happily, healthy, and full of wealth because the natives are the roots of every country and aiding them will definitely increase its breeding level.

Furthermore, the growth of Indian society is newly obstacle by unsocial activities which amounts to crime if happens under law of land like child labour, child abuse, violence against women & senior citizens, gender inequality & juvenile delinquency. In a nutshell we can figure it out that the level of crimes against women, children, and old citizens is alarming the degradation of Indian development up to a certain degree.


“A full empowered, developed, and prosperous nation is which serves its children & women at best.”



 Nowadays, if we consider the chanakya’s words then we are strongly lacking in the chase of societal development. Many of such problems are under control but those are just like a dam that has been built at an edge of Perennial River that can devastate it at any time with its single flow and there are no steps taken as a permanent remedy for the situation.

The major social problems which India is facing today are drug abuse and juvenile delinquency.

If we stalk the rate of drug distribution in India, it’s up to 35 percent of legally distributed drugs (calculated under a survey by Indian Pharma Direct Drug Distribution) that means these are the ratio of authorized and authenticated drugs which are supplied by the government for the beneficial purposes of society and the buyers but the climax of the whole drama lies in the mid of this demand & supply web that is easily regulatory in the market. Let us foremost understand the meaning of drug abuse, i.e. basically drug addiction means a continuous habit of taking “illegal drugs”. Here the word illegal when connected to drugs made the drug supply and demand an offence i.e. punishable in Indian society. So this makes it clear, if there is 35 percentage of legal drug distribution then, the percentage rate of profit selling illegal drugs must be multiple to it. This is so because selling drugs illegally resist high rate of risk and conviction and therefore a seller deals in a huge stock of drugs and sell it at grand rate of price, to secure more profit at less time, the buyers of this range further sell these drugs at cheap rates to other buyers and distributers but in small quantities, so eventually they float a business of low price at less quantity of drugs but to many purchasers at same time period, which gives them an ultimate profitable drug supply at different intervals in small shares but many in calculation. In this way this chain of selling and buying keeps on expanding and now it’s at such a level that even kids at slums can get these drugs easily in their hands. This channelization doesn’t stop here it keep connecting more & more people and forming a well equipped web structure, where once who get trapped would never ever come out of it.  This is evident as many of the reformative actions of government are getting failed. These drugs distribution is not one single problem that this era is facing but more hazardous thing is the very varieties in the drug production which keeps on kicking the market upwards and increases the demand easily, hence more activeness originates in this channel.

Today, not only in India but around 45 percent of global population is under addiction of drugs and victims of drug abuse. Many steps are been taking forward to eradicate such issues but only some of them are able to control the situation up to a certain level. People under the age of majority are taking drugs at a very high level, which would slowly but entirely might extinct the human race or may generate incurable diseases in humans and will definitely affect the atmosphere at large. In India these drugs are circulating in veins of around 80 lacs people, which are making them hollow from inside and would be proved as a slow poison for the country.

The Indian cinema is also seeking an attention towards this issue as it glorified the situation of drug’s supply, demand, use, misuse, effect and much more in a recent movie named “Udta Punjab” directed by Mr. Anurag Kashyap, which simply showed many of the veiled truth of Indian civilization these days and it is only a situation of one single state or region but there are many of such places in India which are internally suffering from disease of severe drug abuse. Thereafter the authorities are lacking in controlling the situations. It’s not, that our nation doesn’t have strong, restrictive and punishable rule and laws to penalize such conduct and practices but it’s the regulation and performance of law and order that is lacking behind. There are many authorities which are provided with powers to handle the situations but still have no ways to solve such an issue, it shows the weakness of  regulatory authorities that regulates the policies to curb the web of such an injurious issue.

This has generated a new mode towards the world of criminology nationwide. As many nascent crimes are taking birth in the lap of drugs. This venom is basically devastating the senses, mind, capability, & future of many teens, because today the most victims of drug addiction are people from the age group of 12 to 17 years, also people from the age of 20 and above under the paws of alcoholism, therefore, the ratio of addicts are increasing day to day rapidly.

The drug addiction in mid of such aged group children is one of the basic element which gives womb to fertilize a crime like “juvenile delinquency”.

Today, space for juvenile delinquency at level of world is different from place to place and according to their jurisdiction but in India it means a criminal act done by a minor i.e. who is under age of 18 years. Here, where the children were considered to be the faces of gods since ages but nowadays are becoming the shadows of criminals. There are many reasons for origination of such criminal liability in India but drugs are one of them a major reason. There are many cases where it has been found that victims under juvenile delinquency has had done crime under the presence & pressure of drug addiction. Also many of victims are found to be guilty of heinous crimes like rape, extortion, robbery, murder etc. under Indian penal code.

However, the jurists believed that children under age of 18 years are soft heartened and not the trained criminals. Even they may don’t understand the nature of their act but may be somehow due to any reason or circumstances have committed or attempted to do such criminal act. They rely that at such an early age the person cannot have the presence of the main ingredient of crime i.e. the mens rea means the mental element, which states that the child may have committed the crime but must not have proper intention or a guilty mind to intently commit any heinous act. Therefore, for the protection of child, the law & order of land had taken major steps which provided the victims under the age of 18 years to be trialed within the jurisdiction of juvenile justice board, where there is a less amount of punishment awarded to the convict.

But, after the amendment taken place in the juvenile justice act, 2000, in the year of 2015, the presence of intention to commit such an offence by a teen got under a question mark & made it a topic to debate. Now the situation is this, if any victim under the age defined for juvenile according to amendment act 2015, section 15, which states that any person under the age of 18 years and of 16years & above will be first published to the juvenile justice board, within the 24 hours of his arrest and will be ordered to go under the process of “preliminary assessment” where it is a test to check the mental capability and health status of victim so that the knowledge of victim should be measured that whether the person has the mental ability to differ in between the cause and effect of his act and can he be able to understand the nature and circumstance of the crime for which he is accused or is he able to perform such an act according to his physique condition, all such question has to be answered under this test. Thereafter, if found to be eligible enough to understand the nature of his crime and ability to commit such an offence then such person will be charged under the common law of law as for adults and will be trialed accordingly as stated under section 18 of juvenile justice act, 2015 but if found ineligible then will be trialed under juvenile justice board and awarded a lesser amount of punishment in comparison to an adult for an offence.

This major amendment was done because it has been recorded that plenty of times there are now cases where it has been proved that minors are no more ignorant about their fact of act and they prudently make defensive use of such clause, so the 2015 laid such a huge amendment in the act for the sake of justice and equity. Also at the stake of time the jurists turned to have faith in the presence of guilty mind in person under age group of 16 to 18years. This also raised a question of debate over the turning the legal age for adulthood in India.

Globally, if we consider the age and maturity of person’s mind then we’ll definitely a huge difference, because universally it is acceptable that like where people are literate, intelligent, rich, aware and at the same time there are people who are illiterate, ignorant, unaware, poor etc. likewise, there can be people who know his act’s nature and have done with full intension to cause an act but at same time some other may not. Hence, This showed that the preliminary test has positive ground for justice as it first test about the knowledge of person then decides to takes apt actions.

At the end, it’s been observed that yes social problems do create obstacles in the midway of development of a nation, but if a country who is dedicatedly works for the achievement of development and start greasing their key that was burdened with problems by using the lubricant of active and productive policies then the door for the development or success will definitely open up, may be after some delay but yes, it will happen. Furthermore, the social problems are just like those monsters that are standing at your doorstep with an opened jaw to digests your bones. So it’s better not to fully depend on governmental policies for an eradication of such social issues its better to start cleaning under your carpet first.

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